Sunday, 26 May 2013

London MCM Expo

So today I went to the London MCM expo with my friend Jayde .
As most people who have ever been to expo before Sunday is always less busy then Saturdays, however when we got there it was fairly busy and the weather in London was surprisingly  nice despite the forecast of rain , so I think more people came then there would have been.

this was us before we left =^.^=
we didn't cosplay or anything just made some what of an effort :). Unfortunately we didn't get any full body shots of our outfits so that kinda sucks but ohwell  :(

Jayde and Melissa
Any whoo when we got there we met up with  Melissa  and waited about 45 mins in the Que to get our tickets to go in, which is pretty quick as last year i went on saturday and was in the que for about and hour and 30 mins. Melissa dressed up as a mermaid and she looked so cute and had a really nice head piece thingy she made herself and it was so cool. (but I cannot find any good  pics :s)

Chocolate Dorayaki 
When we got into the main hall we was all pretty hungry so we got Dorayaki which was like two pancakes and had ice cream in the middle, they were so good and I ate about 5 and then felt sick but omg I had chocolate ones and a strawberry and cream one SOO GOOD!.(excuse my nails)

to skip ahead all the boring crap, we then met up with Jayde and Melissa's other friends which was good :) and we did some shopping I didn't spend alot cause i'm broke as hell and had to stop myself buying a Kuroshitsuji yaoi doujinshi:( ...but I did get:

 This Meiji milk chocolate mirror its so cute and the mirror is pretty large so you can get a good view of 
YA FACE, also I love the whole chocolate look and you cant really tell from the pics but the box it came in is really quite nice quality, pretty thick card with a gloss and on the reverse its all in Japanese  plus I wanted to get this from hyper japan last year but never did so why the hell not it was only£2.99 .


and I got these deco bear stickers which were reduced to £1 so obv I had to get them, and this badge of poop that was 50p which I found adorable because it's poop and yea :)

All 3 of these things I got from tofucute 
which is a store I LOVEE, they're prices are so good , they're so cheap and they're stuff is really high quality  I still use the stuff I got last year from them at hyper japan they sell all sort of cute kawaii stuff so I defo recommend them, I know there going to be at hyper japan in London on the 26th-28th of July this year and also at Manchester MCM expo on the 20th of July also if you pick up on of there cards on the back it will give you a code for 10% off any items online so yea :)

A pic of me and my hubbys :)
moving on me and Jayde went to sit outside and it was really nice, the weather was great and it was just really cool to see everyone dressed up in cosplay and stuff , and to be around people like that :) 

Apart from all that not allot happened we just walked about and stuff lol
I would strongly recommend going to an expo if you can or a comic con if you have never been they're so much fun and everyone's so cool :)
Jayde took some video footage so you should check that out HERE

until next time